About Dr. Chandran

Academic Achievements

Dr Chandran’s academic journey is characterized by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and excellence:

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Educational Training

Dr Chandran has a passion for medical education exemplified by her many educational roles across several organisations:

Leadership Roles

Dr Chandran currently serves as President elect of RACP. She has been Board Director of RACP since 2021. She was previously Board Director of the Kerang District Health and Leongatha Hospital. She is Chair of the Wellbeing and Fellowship Committee of the College and Chair of the Education Committee of the Society of Nephrology.

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Dr Chandran holds a PhD in renal transplantation and multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals including in the American Journal Transplantation. Dr Chandran is currently involved in medical education research through her Masters Clinical Education at the University of Melbourne.

Fellowship Matters

As chair of the fellowship committee, Dr Chandran strongly advocated for and had governance over the revision of the flexible policy of the college and continues to encourage its implementation across training sites. Dr Chandran led the revision of the recognition of member contribution policy which led to supervisors across Australia and New Zealand being recognised for their efforts during the COVID Pandemic. Dr Chandran is currently working on the review of the member benefits package.

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Policy and Advocacy

As chair of the wellbeing committee of RACP, Dr Chandran continues to advocate for greater investment in wellbeing and anti-bullying initiatives for trainees and fellows at the level of the college and within the workplace.

As a member of the executive committee of the Adult Medicine Division IAMD) and chair of the Education and Training Committee of the Society of Nephrology, Dr Chandran works towards greater collaboration and partnership between specialist societies and the college.

As the student representative on the Academic Curriculum Committee of the Masters in Clinical education at the University of Melbourne, Dr Chandran maintains perspective of the needs of trainees and students.

Governance and Risk Management

Dr Chandran has completed the AICD Company Director’s course as well as several of the AICD courses on governance and risk. Through her leadership roles, Dr Chandran has become familiar with governance of member organisations as well as hospitals.

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Strategy and Project Management

As Board Director of the college and 2 hospitals, Dr Chandran has contributed to the development of the strategy of each organisation. As Chair of the Wellbeing Committee, she led the creation wellbeing strategy in 2023 with a strong focus on tangible initiatives for members. Dr Chandran has led the creation of numerous educational resources as well as fellowship projects including the ROC, member benefits package and the mentor program of the college.


Dr Chandran has gained financial expertise through the AICD courses as well as through the Associate Fellowship of RACMA and the Masters Health Administration and she has acquired experience as board director of 2 hospitals and the college as well as the financial management of her private practice.

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As presiding member at Medical Panels, Safercare, Victoria, Dr Chandran work closely with lawyers in writing medicolegal reports and frequently attend educational sessions on legal matters. As board director of RACP, Dr Chandran has become very familiar with the legal environment that impacts the college and its future.

Information Technology

As a board director, Dr Chandran is acutely aware of the need for increased cyber security and investment in modern information technology and have supported the investment of the college in IT reforms particularly after the failures of the examinations.

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Indigenous and Cultural Awareness

Dr Chandran has worked in several multicultural countries; England, Scotland and Canada as well as several states in Australia. Dr Chandran was born and brought up in Mauritius. She is the descendant of Indian indentured labourers and understands the impact of colonisation. Dr Chandran has completed the Arilla Cultural program as well as the Koorie heritage trust program. Through her role as board director of RACP, Dr Chandran has attended a cultural day in a Marae in Wellington.


Dr Chandran has been consistently recognized for her outstanding contributions.

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Outside of work, Dr Chandran is devoted to her 3 girls and her flower garden. She is also a passionate baker and traveller.